General information

Colleges and universities have advisors that help students put together a degree plan, schedule the appropriate classes to fulfill it, provide resources, and offer advice regarding classes, course loads, registrations dates, or changing majors. Use this person as a resource. Sometimes each department has their own advisor; sometimes the university simply assigns you one of their advisors. If you do not feel your advisor provides you with the specific help you need, you can request another counselor.

Many campuses have an International Student Advisor specifically employed to help international students in managing their specific and unique situations. Don’t hesitate to introduce yourself to this valuable resource and bring any questions or concerns to them.

Another valuable resource you can turn to are the other students at the university or an ISI staff person or volunteer. These kinds of unofficial relationships can provide great information, perspective and insight as you learn and adjust to American university culture.

International students can sometimes work part-time either on campus or off campus. However you must follow the regulations that correspond with your visa status. They include strict legal guidelines for where you can work, as well as how many hours. Check with your International Student Adviser before you begin looking for a job. He or she will help you stay within legal guidelines. Students with an F-1 visa must work on the campus where they are enrolled.