Submitting work

As a university student you will need to keep track of due dates and particulars for multiple assignments, projects and presentations. At this level, professors expect you to pay careful attention to the information and prerequisites they have provided and to manage your time and obligations responsibly.

If, for some reason you cannot submit an assignment on time or in the format requested, communicate your difficulties to the professor, and make the appropriate arrangements according to his/her recommendations.

Formatting and Presentation
University professors generally require that any papers and projects they assign follow a specific format. They do not view this as a recommendation, but a requirement. That means you must follow the guidelines to receive full credit. Even if you prepare excellent work, they will deduct points for not following directions.

A neat paper makes an impression similar to a well-dressed person; people assume neatness reflects care and concern. Turning in an assignment with typographical errors, smudges, wrinkles or formatting mistakes implies you didn’t take the time or make the effort to do it right. This will affect your grade.

Everyone has a busy life, but at the university level your professors will expect you to manage your obligations responsibly. Most late assignments and projects will not receive full credit, no matter how well done. At the beginning of the semester, each professor usually lets students know his/her late assignment policy. Policies will range from some who deduct a percentage of the whole grade for every day past the due date, to others who will not accept late assignments at all.

Late Work
If, for some reason you cannot submit an assignment on its due date, communicate your difficulties to the professor. It won’t necessarily change the outcome, but he/she will appreciate the fact that you addressed the issue rather than trying to slip it by. Once you have brought the issue to his/her attention, make the appropriate arrangements according to his/her recommendations.

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