Registering for the TOEFL

A great place to find information on the TOEFL exam is directly from their website at From the main page, select TOEFL from the list of tests. This link takes you to the TOEFL page where you’ll find information on registering, studying for and taking the exam.

Check for the exams dates EARLY—as soon as you decide to study in the U.S. Exams are only offered at certain times in certain locations, and you may have to wait a long time before you can take the test. Register even if you do not feel prepared for the test yet, because you should have plenty of time to study while you wait for the test date to arrive

The test is offered in 130 countries, at either an approved IBT (Internet Based Test) center or through paper based locations. On the TOEFL page, click on “Register for the Test” and you’ll see a drop down list of countries to choose from. Once you make your selection, you can register online. You’ll also find specific information about test locations.

You must register with exactly the same name and spelling that appears on the primary ID you will have to present at the test center. Do NOT register under any other name. The ID requirements vary depending on your citizenship and where you take the test, but it must be a current valid ID (NOT expired), and contain both a signature and photograph. The ID must also be in ENGLISH or you may not be allowed to enter the test without a secondary form of ID. The website provides more detailed information about this.

If you cannot meet the specific ID requirements, or if you have questions about your ID, you must contact the ETS Office of Testing Integrity (1-609-406-5430, fax: 1-609-406-9709, or email) before you register. If you do not contact the Office of Testing Integrity before registering and are not admitted to the test, you will forfeit your test fee.

Make sure to keep track of your registration information. Plan to arrive early so that you have time to get to your station and relax before you begin.