Studying for the TOEFL

As with any test, it’s important to study for the TOEFL®. The TOEFL® website offers study materials and even past tests to use for study purposes. From the TOEFL® page, you can select “About the Test,” where you can access some free materials and purchase others. Since your score on this test will reflect your fluency in English, make sure that you take the appropriate time to study in all four categories, Reading, Speaking, Writing and Listening.

The website offers free membership and many resources to familiarize yourself with the test, including an online tour with sample text questions from each of the four sections, an online community with message boards to share information and practice for your test.

You can also join  TOEFL®  Practice Online which offers:

  • exclusive ETS test materials
  • provides the real TOEFL®  IBT testing experience in all four skills
  • offers a variety of targeted practice so you can monitor your progress 
  • helps predict performance with INSTANT scores and feedback for each of the skill areas, and scoring by ES certified raters
  • provides practice questions
  • offers an online student community that provides information on studying in English-speaking countries
  • access to discussion boards and study tips

The test includes four sections and takes about four hours total to complete. The chart below breaks down the test schedule.


Time Limit

No. of Questions


60-100 minutes



60-90 minutes



10 minutes



20 minutes

6 tasks


50 minutes

2 tasks


Because you only have so much time to answer the questions in each area, you should practice timing yourself as you study.


Some good tips for taking this test include:

  • Learn as many vocabulary words as you can.
  • Practice good test-taking habits.
  • For listening, read the items quickly because you don't have enough time to read them twice.