History provides an opportunity for the upcoming generations to learn from the past and build on it for the future. Many different categories can guide our study of history, including topic, location, and time period. A few of the lenses historians use to study history are:

1) Revisionist - This viewpoint modifies the past to suit the present.

2) Religious - This viewpoint sees the past as being controlled by a larger outside force with a bigger picture.

3) Factual - This viewpoint presents just the facts as we know them, without supposition or conjecture.

4) Major influence - This viewpoint analyzes the past through filters such as economics, technology, weapons, etc.

The history sections here will provide a broad overview based on topics, eras and momentous events in U.S. history. Hopefully you will find it interesting enough to want to do some reading on your own. Teaching or learning on your own demonstrates an important step in your growing desire for knowledge.