Are all religions the same?

Today, many people believe that it doesn’t matter what you believe about God, or how to get to heaven or who created the world—that you should be tolerant and open minded because all world religions are pretty much the same, right? On the contrary, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Atheism and Christianity are very different. Here are some examples of the differences of the major world religions.

  • Atheism teaches that people and the universe come from matter, whereas the other major world religions teach that we were created by God.

  • Hinduism and some forms of Buddhism teach that there are many ways to God, but Christianity and Islam say that there is only one way.

  • Atheism says that there is no God, while the other religions say that there is.

  • Christianity, Islam, and Judaism teach that we, and the universe, come from a Creator with attributes like humans, such as compassion; while Buddhism and Hinduism teach that humans and the universe are part of a universal, impersonal spirit being.

  • Atheism says that we cease to exist after death, but the other religions say that we continue to exist, but in spirit form, after death.

  • Hinduism says that we reincarnate over and over, but the Bible of Christianity and the Qur’an of Islam say that we physically die after one life.

  • Buddhism teaches that at death we no longer exist as individuals and return to the impersonal oneness of the universe which includes everything that has been created. In contrast, Christianity, Islam, and Judaism teach that we continue to exist as individual personality in either heaven or hell.

  • Islam teaches that Jesus did not die on the cross and rise from the dead, while the Bible teaches that he did.

  • Christianity says that Jesus is the Messiah predicted in the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament), but Judaism says that he is not.

  • Animism, including Shinto, teach that there are many gods, whereas Christianity, Islam, and Judaism teach that there is only one God.

  • Christianity, Islam, and Judaism teach that there is a difference between good and evil, while Hinduism teaches that there is not because everything is a part of the impersonal oneness without differences.

  • Animism says that our problem is that we often anger the gods, who have to be pleased by sacrifices and rituals. In contrast, Christianity teaches that our problem is a broken relationship with God which is healed through admitting our brokenness and by accepting the sacrifice that Jesus made for us on the cross.