What should I do as a new friend of God?

"I'm a new believer in Jesus Christ and I'm not sure what to do now." If you're asking "what's next?" here are some helpful tips to help you grow in your new relationship with God.

• Understand salvation - God wants you to understand your salvation. He saved you from sin and gave you the free gift of salvation. He has promised never to leave you. Continue studying salvation and learn all you can about the great gift God gave to you.

• Study God's Word - Bible studies are a great place to learn more about God and the Christian life. The Bible has everything you need to know to grow spiritually and make wise decisions. Since it is God's Words to us, He wants us to read and study it! We encourage you to join a small group Bible study so you can learn God's Word with others.

• Find a good church - Sometimes we think of a church as the building, but God sees the church as His people. The ISI staff can give you some suggestions on Bible-teaching churches to visit. At church, you will learn to worship God, study His Word, and serve Him, along with other believers.

• Have a quiet time - Some people have a "quiet time" or "devotions" in the morning and other people select another time during the day. What's most important is that we do it regularly. During this time, we spend time alone with God. We pray and talk with God, listen to Him, and read our Bible. Some people write in a journal and others sing worship songs. Experiment and see what activities help you grow closer to God.

• Find helpful support - Try to find one or two good Christian friends who can encourage you. They can help keep you accountable about your quiet time and your walk with God. This doesn't mean you have to give up all your old friends. Continue to love them, but let them know that your life has changed and you may not be able to do all the same things you used to do. Pray and ask God to give you opportunities to share Jesus with them.

The ISI staff members are available to help you grow in your new relationship with God, so ask for their help. They can point you to resources that will help you on your journey.

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